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it is fucking freezing and i have a gross headache and i feel motion sickness because i forgot to take my medication last night and i dont wanna go to school tomorrow and i just spent like 130 dollars on a wildfox cardigan and i want more shoes and i want 2 sleep

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The fingerprinting of a decomposed corpse sometimes requires the medical examiner to remove the deceased’s fingertips and slip them over their own gloved fingertips, which then allows them to take the prints.
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people who judge others for drinking alcohol/smoking/doing drugs/having sex are the worst like wow congratulations you drink water at parties!! do you want a special award for that

people who judge others for choosing not to drink alcohol/smoke/do drugs/have sex are the worst like wow congratulations you drink hte alcohol and smoke and do hte DRUGz and have sex at parties!! do you want a special award for that

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Air Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
FireAries, Leo and Sagittarius
EarthTaurus, Virgo and Capricorn
WaterCancer, Scorpio and Pisces
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KIKIMORA magazine.
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Colin McLurg, Foggy Day on the Beach (Kuwait Towers, 2013)
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awe how cute

I think that the T in LGBT needs to be removed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully support all members of the trans community, I just don’t think that trans people fit into the same boat as gays. LGBQ people are only different in that they are attracted to someone of the same sex. That’s very different that people assigned/designated the wrong gender at birth. Trans people have a very different set of issues than gay people, and they deserve recognition. In my experience, things that claim to be about LGBT issues, focus solely or mostly on the LGB part of it.
Plus, the acronym is getting really long. I’ve seen LGBTQIA and that doesn’t include everyone’s identity. It becomes complicated and tries to fit both groups of people into one box.
I think sexualities need one acronym and gender/sex identities need another. That way, issues specific to trans people can be addressed, and agender/genderqueer/any other gender related identity can be included in the acronym.
The same thing goes for pansexuals and asexuals who aren’t in the LGBT acronym even though they are closer to LGBs than T’s. They can be included in the acronym.
Trans people deserve their own acronym and community because in the LGBT community, they are left behind. Homosexual marriage is legal in places, yet there isn’t even an other box for gender on government papers. Trans people are not helped as much. I think making them a whole other group will increase their recognition beyond something of an afterthought to LGBT.
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Portraits of Women with Vegetable Weapons by Tsuyoshi Ozawa