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UGH this is probably why my hair is falling out. my hair is fried as fuck. its so fluffy and its like straw..

(thats what it looks like when i dont straighten it)

HELP wtf do i do??? the hairs keep breaking off. i dont even know why its so damaged! i bleach it like, once every 3-4 months?? and only for about 30-40 minutes with 20vol bleach. THAT ISNT BAD AT ALL i am so confused. help meeeeeee

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  1. porphyrin-prince said: Do you use conditioner on days you don’t wash your hair? Bleached hair has more open follicles, so your hair has trouble retaining any moisture. When mine was bleached and long, I had to use spray-in conditioner twice a day.
  2. neonvillage said: are you sure that more hair is coming out than is normal? i have long hair and sometimes it seems like too much is falling out, but i think it’s normal.
  3. morrissey-syndrome said: My hair is really course and curly (but yours doesn’t look as cray as mine tho) and I can’t bleach it coz it would just wither and snap off. Protein rich products will help you out mending the porous hair shafts.
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  5. hnifur said: have you considered trying moroccan argan oil? i have heard it’s really beneficial for damaged hair!
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